Frequency of Carisoprodol withdrawal syndrome increasing?

Carisoprodol Withdrawal SyndromeCarisoprodol is a well-known muscle relaxant. It is mass produced under the brand name of Soma. Taking Carisoprodol provides the relaxation and relief to the muscles thereby giving a pleasurable feeling. This carisoprodol drug is often mixed with other medications and used for various purposes. For example, it is used with Xanax to treat anxiety disorders. Carisoprodol (Soma) is highly habit forming and a person is likely to grow tolerance very quickly. This muscle relaxant should not be shared with anyone and should only be taken when prescribed by a registered physician. Doctors are suggested to go through the patient’s medical history looking for any signs of the drug. While on Soma treatment, the medication should be consumed very carefully, the chances of over Soma dosage are to be averted as the drug overdose of Carisoprodol may prove to be fatal.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of Carisoprodol?

In the actively addicted condition, Soma users may experience disruption of the normal brain activities causing impairment of the clear thinking and emotional expressions. Some common withdrawal symptoms of this carisoprodol drug are coordination loss, memory loss, insomnia, anxiety etc. These symptoms take the recovery process very long to finish.
Prolonged use or abuse of Carisoprodol leads to the onset of the withdrawal symptoms once the dosage is being stopped. A large amount of the carisoprodol medication in the body inhibits the body to return to the normal stage thus produces a number of complications. Prolonged use of this muscle relaxant cause physical tolerance, dependence and ultimately paves the way for addiction as well as substance abuse. This can happen to anyone using the carisoprodol drug for a longer time. This is why physicians do not prescribe Carisoprodol more than two-three weeks as it can cause dependence.

What are the treatments for Carisoprodol addiction and withdrawal symptoms?

To be truthful the diagnosis of Carisoprodol addiction and withdrawal is indeed very difficult. The addiction and withdrawal generally cause severe conditions like coma, slow heart rate, hypotension etc. This makes the diagnosis very difficult and risky. Although with the advancement in medical science there are a number of medicines and therapies being developed which help a person to detoxify. To buy prescription meds that help with carisoprodol withdrawal syndrome and for prescription for other pain relief medications visit our online pharmacy which has 24/7 online doctor service to guide you in shifting to a better pain relief medication after stopping carisoprodol. There are many rehabilitation centers that can help you in diagnosing. If you witness the symptoms of carisoprodol withdrawal then immediate medical action should be taken and the condition should not be delayed as it will only lead you to your doom.

Is the frequency of Carisoprodol withdrawal syndrome really increasing?

Carisoprodol/Soma is a general muscle relaxant as we all know. But a number of studies have proven that the drug is also having adequate abuse potentials and thus considered as a controlled substance by the FDA. Carisoprodol drug can be metabolized into anxiolytic and metaborate, controlled substances in the US. This metabromate aids in increasing the frequency of the withdrawal symptoms. This why physicians should be careful while prescribing the medicine to a patient and they should enquire whether the patient had any previous history of drug abuse.