Privacy Policy

Absolute confidentiality

In our online pharmacy, the confidentiality of the user is the top priority. Any information would be kept confidential. It can be any detail like name, email address, phone number to very important information like credit card number and you can assure yourself that it is safe with us.

We have a very strong network where it would be nearly impossible for a person or an intruder to misuse it.

We collect certain information about you

It is a must that you have to provide certain basic information to register to the website. Apart from this we would also collect cookies. This is just the non-personal information and it would not harm you at any way.

These details are collected because it would help us to provide detailed search results. We would have idea on what interests you and those links gets popped up.

However you can definitely disable the setting option if you do not want us to collect the cookies.

With whom we share your information

We do not share or sell any of your details to other parties at any cost. So you do not have to be worried about your details been misused. However there are times where we are forced to share the information. One such situation is where the court orders us to provide the details of the customers. In such a condition, we are liable to act according to their order.

Who has access to your details?

The IT team of this online pharmacy would only have access to your information. Their duty is to safeguard your information from other parties. The details that you have offered to us are safe in their hands. They are the ones who restrict the intruders in the network and keep it protected.

Change in security policy

Our aim is to protect and safeguard the privacy of every customer. So to avail this we are supposed to be updated. We use latest technologies to protect your information. This is the reason why we would change the privacy policy from time to time.

During this alteration, we would not be able to mention about this change to any person. It is your duty to check the privacy policy more often and keep it updated.

If you continue to use our site then it means that you abide by the policies that have been framed by us.