Terms and Conditions

1.Creating an Account

If you want to buy the medication from us you have to register formally on our
website and by doing that we will, require your personal information. You are not
allowed to share your unique id and your password with anyone. If such happens we
will not take any responsibility for the authorization activity on our website using
your profile.

2.Privacy Policy

As mentioned in the above, we would require your personal information from you,
which will be safe and secured on our website. We do not share any of your
information with the third parties, if only at the extent necessary.

3.Security policy

All the transactions that you make on our website will be safe and your account
details will not be stored art anywhere on our website. We provide the safest payment
gateway using which you can do your transaction very safely.

4.customer eligibility

The person who is ordering the medication from our online pharmacy would have to
be completed the age of 18 and above. To confirm this only we require the users to
register on our website. We will not allow the users who are below 18 to access our

5.Price and Payment

The product prices that has been provided on our website has included all the
applicable statutory taxes. We make every effort to make sure that the pricing and the
availability of products on our website are accurate and are high in quality. You can
choose any payment options that are available on our website and make sure you are
doing the payment in a right way. We would also provide many delivery options of
which you are free to choose it from.

6.Availability of the website

We take all the necessary actions in providing the customers a free and easy
availability of our website. You can use our customer service at any time which is
available for am the 24 hours in a day and for 365 days in a year. Make sure you are
clear in ordering your product from us.