What does Soma coma mean?

Soma ComaSoma is a prescription drug used in therapeutic treatment of pain relief and anxiety treatment, but it is also one of the drugs reported mostly regarding abuse. According to a study happened in 2010, Soma is 5th most abused drug along with other combination. The availability of prescription drug wasn’t a problem in the early days when people used to buy Soma online from official websites. But unethical usage of OTC drugs by buying from fake online pharmacies boomed among people, especially youngsters in late 2000 which led to making the laws strict in several countries. Soma coma is one urban term coined in such a way. When codeine, hydrocodone, alprazolam etc. are used in combination with Soma, it offered the users an unmatchable experience of hypnosis, sedation, relaxation and hallucination. Thus,Soma gained notorious popularity among the users. Countries like Sweden, Norway, Indonesia etc. withdrawn the drug from the market due to its potential risk of misuse.

Ingredients that lead to Soma coma

Soma drug comprises of carisoprodol which alone doesn’t have any addictive or abuse potential, but when it comes to therapeutic use, it is commercially sold in combination with caffeine, codeine or aspirin. This interaction is what that makes the drug potential addictive among its users. Soma coma combination became wild spread in the black market and according to a survey, around 30000 people were put in the hospital during the year 2009 due to Soma abuse. Other than its therapeutic form some custom made combinations include Vicodin & Xanax with Soma which was known by the name ‘Holy trinity’. Soma is also used along with alcohol, valium or even heroin. This combination became popular in a fraction which alerted the authorities, who noticed a humongous increase in Soma prescription along with others like Xanax, valium, Vicodin etc.

How much Soma dosage leads to addiction?

Soma is prescribed depending on the age, physique, health condition, previous medical history, current medication status etc. On an average 250 to 350 mg of Soma is recommended two to three times a day. According to United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the dosage is restricted to a maximum of three weeks. But in the hands of abusers,Soma doesn’t have a limit in ingestion. Usually, more than a gram is being ingested in a singles usage or may be twice or thrice in order to get the kick out of the drug. But they usually the users forget the fact that commercial Soma has other compounds along with them which make it lethal when overdosed. If they are used in combination with Xanax, Valium etc. then long term usage will result in life threatening situations.

What happens when Soma is abused?

The beginners might feel less of side effects or adverse effects due to a low dosage which their body can withstand. Still, some very common effects are dizziness, nausea, sleepiness, headache etc. But once the body get used to the drug it demands more Soma or its combination in order to survive, by when the users become highly tolerant to the drug. Disorientation, withdrawal from social life, not interested in sex, studies, job etc. mark this phase along with strong withdrawal syndromes upon trying to stop usage. When the usage level reaches saturation the users lose consciousness, ability to from memory, amnesia, blurred vision, epilepsy, coma and may even cause death in certain cases. If the condition is not brought to medical attention, then death is the last message you hear about the user.